Team Coaching

Team Coaching is an increasingly popular way of spreading the known benefits of one to one coaching to a wider audience at a more affordable price. It works well with virtual teams, specialist teams and even Boards/Executive Boards.

Team Coaching

Team Coaching is very different to traditional training. We’ve all been on too many courses over the years where we’ve invested precious time and money, yet the minute we go back to our desks we forget everything we’ve learnt and go back to our old habits and behaviours. Nothing changes.

At The Coaching Project we pride ourselves on creating sustainable behaviour change with our team coaching programmes. Our coaching experience combined with our knowledge and insights from neuroscience mean we truly understand how to prime the environment, optimise engagement and maximise retention.

All of our programmes are fun, interactive, experiential and practical.

Team Coaching

Traditional training vs. team coaching

Traditional TrainingTeam Coaching
Chalk and talkDraw and explore
One-off sessions Modular approach (where possible)
No time to assimilate learningsDevelopment work between modules enables trial of new behaviours
No follow upIntegrate learnings at start of each module
Webinar Q&A sessions
Additional one-to-one coaching where budget allows

Other typical elements might include

Use of leading-edge psychometric profiling tools to increase both self and team awareness.

Frameworks and models from fields as diverse as positive psychology, neuroscience, emotional intelligence, NLP and more traditional leadership theory.

Combination of group and one-to-one sessions to maximise individual learning outcomes, increase personal accountability and harness practical business applications.

Unique benefits of team coaching

  • Teamwork and teambuilding
  • Positive peer pressure
  • Diverse experience and perspectives
  • Collective intelligence and brainpower
  • Shared learnings and language
  • Ready-made support network

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Team Coaching