Psychometric Profiling

Psychometric assessments can be hugely beneficial in the coaching process providing useful frameworks, unique insights and valuable tools.

Psychometric profiling is a highly effective way to kick off a coaching programme, whether it’s a self-assessment or 360 (degree) version. Psychometric assessments provide an evidence-based, quantifiable benchmark of one or more attributes either as an individual or group of individuals. These attributes might include personality, intelligence, beliefs, attitudes, behaviours and/or competencies – all areas that have been researched by psychologists over the past seventy years or so and then ‘metricated’ or quantified. 

At The Coaching Project we favour psychometric trait assessments over psychometric type assessments. Psychometric trait assessments don’t label you or put you in a box. They analyse your traits on a continuum looking at how much of that trait you possess or how frequently you use it rather than whether you have it or not. They also acknowledge that your traits may differ in certain situations and contexts, for example when under pressure. The broad consensus today is that these psychometric trait assessments are more accurate, more detailed and more insightful thus proving far more effective at driving behaviour change. 

All the psychometric profiling will be undertaken by certified assessors, debriefed discretely and sensitively by experienced coaches and applied practically as personal and professional development frameworks.

Psychometric Profiling

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Benefits include

Increased self-awareness and awareness of others – the start point of any change

Unique, evidence-based insights - light-bulb moments that trigger change

Feedback on preferences/strengths as well as development areas

Self-evident areas of focus by way of coaching goals

Ready-made framework and models for coaching programme

Quantifiable means of measuring progress and success

Assessments, tests and profiling

Emotional Intelligence Assessments

Resilience & Wellbeing Psychometrics

Team Dynamic Profiling

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