Executive Coaching

At The Coaching Project, our core passion is one-to-one executive coaching. We love the intensity of working one on one, the level of relationship we can develop and the amazing outcomes that result.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is a highly bespoke, discrete and outcome-oriented form of leadership development. From supporting a leader in a new role through improving soft skills such as building strong relationships and communicating effectively to helping manage stress and build personal resilience, coaching is a valuable investment in high potential individuals.

Executive coaching offers enormous benefits to the coachee and to the organisation. At its heart it offers quality thinking time, an increasingly rare and valuable commodity in business. Just think how much time and energy is wasted with circular thinking regarding a particular challenge or even opportunity. 

Executive coaching cuts to the heart of the issue. The coachee has time to reflect in a totally neutral environment on the key challenge or opportunity at hand. They quickly see what the main obstacles are and come up with strategies to overcome them aided and supported by the coach. Armed with timely action plans they can move forward and achieve the success they desire efficiently and effectively.   

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching can be used in many different contexts including

Personal development

Leadership development

Role transition (often promotion)


Conflict management

360˚ feedback


A good way to start an Executive Coaching programme is with a relevant psychometric. Even self-assessments provide hard evidence for both your strengths and development areas, whilst 360 versions enhance that still further. They also provide a useful framework for the Coaching process and pointers to the most relevant tools and strategies. Last but not least they provide a great way to measure progress via pre and post assessments.

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