Business Coaching

Running a business is tough. Whether you’re the CEO of an SME or the founder of a start-up, you can feel very alone and when things aren’t going quite to plan, who do you turn to? We’d like to think it’s The Coaching Project.

Business Coaching

Business coaches or mentors can be a hugely valuable addition to your support team. Business coaches act as a sounding board, provide impartial feedback, support you in tough times and celebrate with you in good times. They also challenge the status quo, highlight where the gaps are, help you improve your processes, push you outside your comfort zone and hold you to account on your commitments.

Business coaching has a different focus to executive coaching.  If executive coaching is about your personal and professional development, business coaching is about business development. The focus is on driving your business forward and ensuring you meet your financial and strategic goals.  The truth is, however, that often as a small business owner or entrepreneur you might be working alone or with a very small team – so you are effectively the business. Thus self-reflection and self-development can often be part of the process too.

Business coaching enables you to re-prioritise, re-focus, re-calibrate and re-energise. An invaluable business opportunity.  

Business Coaching

Typical challenges we work with

  • Insufficient financial or strategic discipline
  • Conflict among partners or within the team
  • Cultural issues due to exponential growth
  • Founders and owners struggling to let go
  • Burnout – exhaustion, demotivation and disillusionment

Other ways we can support your business

Strategy day facilitation

Leadership development programmes

Shadowing board meetings

Change management

Culture change

Conflict management

Our coaching services

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Business Coaching

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