Work to Love

Work to Love (Monday Motivator)


Work to Love

Do you work to live or live to work? These used to be the only two options I ever considered. Yet I’ve now realised that there is a third. Work to love.

I’m currently working as a Coach on one of my favourite programmes at a big entertainment company.  It’s called Maximise Your Potential.

Every year they put a selected cohort of people through this programme providing them with 360 feedback, psychometric tests and 1-2-1 Coaching sessions. It’s an incredible opportunity for those who are selected and often at a relatively young age.

Leaving the building the other day on a real high, as I so often do, it struck me that I no longer work to live or live to work, I work to love.

I absolutely love my job, I love my clients and I especially love this company.

Coming from an advertising background I guess it’s the youthful dynamism of the business, the buzzy atmosphere and the fact that music is also a huge passion of mine. I feel very at home there despite my advancing years! But most of all it’s the people.

I think I can honestly say that every single person I have worked with over the past three years has been lovely – without exception.

As for the programme I love working at this level. The Coachees feel honoured to be on it, they are open, honest, hungry for success and eager to learn and improve. The perfect combination for a Coach.

So I count my blessings every single day.

I truly work to love – and I know not many people can say that.

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