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What Went Well Today?! (Monday Motivator)


What went well today!?

Does that sound like a strange question?

All too often, and especially in business, we tend to focus on what hasn’t gone well. 
What problems have we had today? What issues will we face tomorrow? We ruminate on challenges rather than focussing on successes.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for reviewing work, projects and even relationships and my personal view is that most businesses fail to create sufficient time for it; but why not start with what went well and how you can build on that next time rather than merely reviewing what went wrong and how you can ensure it doesn’t happen again?
 There have now been innumerable research studies undertaken into the benefits of positive psychology.

When you start by focussing on the positive you generate positive energy and forward momentum. When you start by focussing on the negative unsurprisingly you generate negative energy and classic survival responses such as fight/flight/freeze. Not a great place from which to genuinely review and learn.

So do yourself and your teams a favour.

Start asking what went well today and see the benefits for yourself!

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