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Unconditional Love – Girl Power! (Monday Motivator)


OK – so I was in a foul mood. Someone had really upset me in a meeting.

Alright, I had allowed them to upset me. In theory I can control my responses. That’s what I tell all my clients. Not exactly practising what I preach!

However, I’d got a night out in London booked with my girlfriends and there was no way my bad mood was going to get in the way of that!

So off I went. I’d forgotten to put it in the diary so hadn’t arranged any meetings prior and I live in the sticks. Meant a 2-hour journey in and a 2.5-hour journey home just for an early supper as the last even vaguely sensible train leaves at 21.15pm – the joys of living in the sticks.

But it was worth every minute.

I’ve always valued my relationships with my girlfriends enormously but there’s something about getting older that makes you value them more.

When I was younger I was madly in love with my boyfriend and our world pretty much revolved around each other. We did everything together. Now, 30 years on, I still adore the same man, but I recognise the importance of having our own space and time and doing different things. And my most important time is with my girlfriends.

Somehow you just never have the same kind of conversation with anyone else.

Relationships, scrapes you got into when you were younger, romantic encounters, lost friendships, kids, fears, challenges of being 50+, illness, death and internet dating – weird juxtaposition of words there but never mind!

Oh – and of course emotional meltdowns.

Your best girlfriends totally accept you for who you are. They don’t judge, they don’t label, they empathise, gently tease and help you lighten the load of whatever baggage you might be carrying that day.

It’s unconditional love – and it’s Girl Power!

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