heart shape drawn on tree with two hands reaching for one another - signifying the power of emotions such as love

The Power of Love (Monday Motivator)


If emotions are our Energy in Motion, then as leaders we’d better make sure we’re generating the right emotions in ourselves and our teams.

We all know how contagious emotions are.

Just think about the outpouring of grief after Princess Diana’s death, or more recently, the anger felt by so many Remainers after the Brexit vote.

And on a more positive note what about the joy and excitement of the 2012 Olympics which seemed to unite the whole nation? Or the overwhelming love and kindness shown by the West Kensington community after the horrendous tower block fire this week? People with very little money giving food from their fridges and the clothes practically off their backs to help those in need?

If emotions can spread across whole communities and even countries, they will sure as hell spread across teams, departments and organisations.

Neuroscientists talk about 4 emotions which engender positive energy and drive.

They are:






Creating a work environment where those emotions can thrive will be key to the success of your business.

So why not take 5 minutes out of your day right now to come up with one action for each?

What’s one specific action you could take next week to:

●      Spread a little love around the office?

●      Show someone you trust them implicitly?

●      Engender some genuine joy in the team?

●      Create a real sense of excitement about the future?

Just putting this simple 4 step action plan in place on Monday could yield untold dividends in terms of engagement, motivation and hence performance.

Try it and see!


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