The Power of Girlfriends


One day a few weeks ago I went to bed deliriously happy.

Then the same thing happened again last week. I was literally lying in bed with a big grin on my face.

The common denominator?

I’d been out with one of my closest girlfriends on both occasions.

The older I get the more I value my female friendships.

Going out with a close girlfriend is totally different to going out with your husband/partner, going out as a foursome with close friends or even going out with a big group of girlfriends.

The bond is so strong and the conversation is totally different.

Typically you dissect your relationships (home and work), discuss issues that are really close to your heart, share common experiences, release extreme emotions and be brutally honest and direct.  Best of all you know you won’t be judged for any of it.

On the really top nights, you laugh until you cry, shed a few genuine tears (normally together), put the world to rights and part feeling 10x stronger.

It’s these relationships that will last forever, that will carry you through your darkest hours and engender the most unbridled joy in your lives.

Value them, nurture them and make time for them in your life.

They are Girl Power in action!

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