Joy of Giving

The Joy of Giving



Joy of Giving

I genuinely enjoy the act of giving.  What I don’t enjoy is determining what on earth I should give!  I want the gift to be meaningful.

A few weeks ago marked my Goddaughter’s 21st birthday. This was accompanied by the usual panic of:

“What on earth can I give her that will reflect such a special occasion?”

Choosing what present to give is hard enough for ordinary 21st birthdays. However, this was a particularly challenging one. India is learning disabled and has a mental age of 8.

A few days prior I discovered something new about India. It was that in addition to her obsession with Mitchel Musso from Hannah Montana (she carries his picture with her 24/7), she was also quite partial to Olly Murs!

Bingo! I just so happened to know that he was playing at The Big Feastival in Oxfordshire on Bank Holiday Saturday.

Several calls later with disabled parking sorted and armbands for the disabled viewing platform sorted we were set to go. India was going to attend her first ever gig at age 21!

As the day drew nearer my anxiety rose. India suffers from very dramatic mood swings.

Would we even make it to the festival?

Would she last long enough to see Olly Murs given he was the headline act?

Would she actually enjoy it or find it all too overwhelming?

Maybe I had made a big mistake even suggesting it!?

Well, the day arrived. We left home pretty late to minimise how long we would be at the festival. Despite that, on arrival we discovered that Olly Murs wasn’t coming on stage until 9.30pm. Oh dear. Not good!

However after some little mooches around the festival, a posh burger and chips, a favourite chocolate milkshake and the purchase of a fake fox’s tail worn for all of 30 seconds, it was time to hit the viewing platform.

Still 30 minutes to go and India’s mood was undoubtedly heading downwards but we were nearly there.

Well, boy was it worth the anxiety and the wait!

As soon as Olly Murs came on stage, India’s face lit up!  She stood up, she sang, she danced in her own inimitable style and she grinned – a great big beaming smile – the whole time he was on stage.

As her mother, my best mate Kath, said:

“She had a blast!”

Moreover, Kath and I had a blast too!  We never stopped bopping.  Olly was great!

I can’t deny that I’m chuffed to bits that I was the one who took India to her first ever concert (aided and abetted big style by her Mum).  More importantly that she enjoyed the experience so much.

It was an absolute joy to behold – and a perfect example of the joy of giving.

God-Daughter 21st Birthday Celebrations
India enjoying The Big Feastival

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