Chameleon lying on a tree branch. Change

The Courage To Make A Change


Chameleon lying on a tree branch. Change

How happy are you in your current career?

Do you leap out of bed every morning looking forward to the day?

Or do you experience Sunday desperation as my husband used to call it or the more commonly known Monday Morning Blues?

All too often we stay in a career or job that we don’t find fulfilling and often one which we find downright depressing. I’ve certainly been there myself.

You’re so stressed and so busy peddling round the hamster wheel of life that you don’t have time to stop and reflect. Moreover, even when you do it feels like a massive scary leap into the unknown.

It takes a lot of courage to make a change.

Earlier this week I had my third coaching session with an amazing woman called Claire. She had recently accepted an offer of voluntary redundancy from a senior job in the Banking industry.

For someone as talented, driven and career-oriented as Claire this was a really big deal in her life. She didn’t know how she would respond and was worried she might “freak out” about it all. Hence why she wanted some Coaching.

We had a couple of sessions before she left but this was our first one since she had made the change.

Well, what a session!

When we had worked through what it was she wanted more of in her life she said things like freedom, fun, flexibility and adventure.

Well, be careful what you wish for!

The first thing Claire said to me on the phone was: “I love my freedom!”  Transpires she had enjoyed every minute of her time away and didn’t need the daily schedule she’d carefully crafted in case she felt lost or lonely.

She had also met an “amazing” new man who seems very keen. She’s already met his family and friends and visited his home in Cornwall. Given her own parents got engaged after 3 months and are still happily married 45 years later, is she about to repeat the pattern?

Who knows?

The beauty of the situation is that a few months ago when she was working full-time in the City and feeling highly stressed she would have probably written the relationship off as an impossibility. Right now, however, anything is possible!

Work-wise Claire has already had several people contacting her directly about potential roles, consulting opportunities and partnership ideas and all, as she put it, “without even trying!”

Even friends of her new man have been asking her advice and suggesting ways they could work together including a local artist – art being a huge passion of hers.

To say she is excited about her new life would be an understatement. To say she is a little overwhelmed would also be true – everything has happened so fast it’s all a bit of a whirlwind.

However, in true Claire form (she doesn’t do anything by halves this girl!) she had already booked a month’s retreat in Bali to reflect on her life to date and to start to determine how she wants her future to pan out.  I can’t wait to hear how it all goes and how she feels at the end of it.

One thing’s for sure, having had the courage to make the change it looks as though she is going to have a very different, exciting and rewarding future.

So a question for you:

Do you have the courage to make a change?

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