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Stress Awareness Month – Week 2 Top 3 Time Management Stress Hacks


Happy businessman meditating in the office. Business yoga office worker meditation vector illustration



April is Stress Awareness Month and, as promised, here is my second article of the month with some useful #stress hacks.

The theme of this week is Time Management.

I know. Time management is such a turn-off phrase. When I used to hear it in the corporate world, it made me want to yawn. The last thing I would consider was time management training.

Yet it plays such an important part in stress management and we typically under-estimate its impact.

We blame our stress on the size of our workload, demanding bosses, challenging clients, under-performing team members and so on. All external factors you’ll note. It’s all other peoples’ fault!

Yet the issues are often closer to home.

Top 3 Time Management Stress Hacks

So what are my top three time management stress hacks?

1. Stop putting so much time pressure on yourself. I’ve put this at number 1 because I know it’s my number 1. I call it my personal service level agreement and it’s pretty tough!  You can’t do everything by yesterday to perfection. It’s not humanly possible. Manage your own and other peoples’ expectations and chill out a bit.

2. Learn to say no! I work with so many small businesses and business owners who are too afraid to say no. They’re doing really well but their mentality is scarcity rather than abundance. They work with clients who aren’t the best fit, who won’t pay for quality and who will end up being hugely unprofitable. Set some boundaries, make stop/go decisions. Ease the pressure and improve the margins!

3. Create white space in your diary. In corporate life, we typically fill our diaries with back to back meetings. We don’t even leave 10 minutes between meetings. The result is that we’re constantly running late which ratchets up the stress levels. Leave time and space between meetings to take a break, mentally prepare and re-tune to the next topic.

Also, create more white space for important not urgent matters (in Covey speak) – longer-term projects or challenging conundrums which need quality time ideally out of the office. Quality time = quality headspace = quality output.


It’s not easy changing our attitude to time or habits of a lifetime. However, when you appreciate the huge impact this has on our stress levels, it’s undoubtedly worth the headspace and application.

So challenge yourself to implement at least one of these three time management hacks for the rest of this month and see what a difference it makes to your stress levels and hence productivity.

After all, that’s ultimately what great time management is all about.

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