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Release Your Inner Child! (Monday Motivator)


I’ve currently got my 8 year old nephew staying with me from Brazil. I only get to see him once every two years so our time together is really precious.

A few months ago I asked him what show he would like to go and see in London when he came over. He chose Aladdin.

I have to admit I was a bit disappointed. I don’t think I’ve ever even read Aladdin and the prospect of watching magic carpets flying around a stage didn’t exactly excite me.

I was secretly hoping he would choose School of Rock which I was sure would be loads more fun!

So yesterday we went to see Aladdin and I can’t claim that I was looking forward to it; whilst I was worried it might be a bit young for Charlie and he might be bored out of his brains.

How wrong could I be!? We both loved it, although I think I might have loved it a teeny bit more than he did!

The set was spectacular, the dancing and costumes were amazing, the guy who played the genie was absolutely brilliant and the whole thing was incredibly funny.

I was completely enthralled just as I would have been as an 8 year old child with a dream of singing in musicals when I grew up!

Despite that dream, for years now I have said I don’t like musicals and, without kids of my own, I’ve certainly not had the need to go to see Disney ones.  However, I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

Cast aside the old cynic in you, buy your tickets today and release your inner child.

It’s a ‘Whole New World’ J


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