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Christmas and New Year are a great time for reflection and often it’s around this time that we decide to make changes in our career direction.

  • Perhaps we’ve become a bit stale in our existing role within a company and want to move.
  • Perhaps we’ve been unhappy for a while and have decided that life’s too short to keep doing what we’re doing.
  • Perhaps we’re experiencing a challenging relationship with our line manager and have decided that we’re simply not going to be able to make it work.

Whatever the reason, it’s a major transition, especially if it’s a big step up in a new company.

Granted you know you can do whatever it is technically – that‘s why you’ve been hired – but you never really know what you’re getting yourself into until you’ve walked through the door for the first time.

I’ll never forget starting a big new sales role and the FD getting me into a room on day one begging me to sort things out fast or he’d be out of a job.  No pressure there then!

The Challenges of Role Transition

It’s amazing how often when I work with a senior Coaching client transitioning into a new role they express how much harder it is than they’d anticipated and how it feels as if they’re having to start from scratch again. You come from an established role/business where you were held in high regard and all of a sudden you have to prove yourself again as if you’re a rookie.  Not an easy thing to do.

Moreover there is so much that needs to be done and everything feels like a priority.  Yet you need to get your head around the business, the culture and the inevitable politics.

Relationship-wise you need to win over your key stakeholders quickly whilst weighing up who sees you as a potential foe and who might consider you a friend.  You need to get your team on side and deliver some quick wins to give yourself early credibility and so on.  The list is endless.

It’s no surprise then that in a comprehensive 3 year study carried out by Leadership IQ, a global leadership training and research company, they found that 46% of new hires failed within the first 18 months.

First 100 Day Coaching

It’s why First 100 Day Coaching is such a valuable investment of time and money.

From day one of your new appointment you work with your Executive Coach to develop and deliver a 1, 2 and 3 month plan to ensure that by the end of your first 100 days you’ve established yourself in the company and have built the requisite relationships, trust, credibility and respect to deliver on your short, medium and long-term goals.

Benefits of First 100 Day Coaching

Some of the many benefits include:

  • Structured, strategic approach
  • Immediate focus on critical success factors
  • Rapid momentum from day one
  • Quality thinking time – chance to step back and review decisions
  • Discrete sounding board for challenges and creative ideas
  • More authentic and effective leadership
  • Faster route to success
  • Higher retention rates of new hires, so reduced cost to the business

Typical First 100 Day Coaching Package

A typical 100 Day Coaching Package from The Coaching Project would include:

  • Chemistry meeting between Coach and potential Coaching Client
  • 360 degree interviews with key stakeholders to determine critical success factors
  • Emotional Intelligence assessment (cited as 1 of the top reasons for failure at a senior level)
  • 3 x Monthly 2 hour face to face coaching sessions
  • 3 x Monthly 30 minute telcons (intervening fortnights) to track progress and discuss challenges
  • Unlimited e-mail and telephone contact between sessions
  • Formal review meeting with Coachee and Coaching Sponsor at the end of the process


Thus First 100 Day Coaching maximises the likelihood of a successful transition into a new role.  The new leader secures valuable additional support at a challenging and critical time in their career ensuring they display their true leadership capabilities and deliver outstanding results.  A win for the individual, a win for their team and a win for the business.

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