Changing Leaves

Embrace Change (Monday Motivator)


Changing Leaves

Last week a client asked me if we could work on how to embrace change.  A lovely way of putting it.

Then on Friday a senior client I’m working with in the entertainment industry shared with me how for the last 4 or 5 years it felt as if there had been nothing but constant change and how incredibly tiring she found it.

Two very different perspectives on change.

The reality is that change is with us and with us for good.  As the VUCA acronym suggests we live in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous world and that is only likely to increase.

The only way we can survive and thrive is to embrace change.

  • We can’t turn back the tide of technological advancements and the resultant impact on our industries.
  • We can‘t stop globalisation, 24/7 communication, social media and the resultant impact on our people.
  • We can’t hold back the onward march of disruptive businesses and the resultant need to adapt, change and even revolutionise our own.

These are largely good things.  Enforced CPD (Continuous Professional Development) if you like.

We are forced to constantly review what we are doing, how we are doing it and whether we can do it any better.

It makes us more proactive, more innovative and more strategic.

We simply can’t rest on our laurels.

But it also makes life and work more challenging.

As ever it’s how we respond to these challenges which is the key.

I remember in my NLP Master Practitioner training over a decade ago, the wonderful Robert Dilts talking about the importance of “being comfortable with not knowing.”  It really struck a chord and has stayed with me ever since.

  • We don’t know all the answers
  • We don’t know whether an idea is good or bad until we try it
  • We don’t know what the future holds
  • We don’t know how we or others will respond to life events

And that’s OK!

As the client who originated the debate put it so beautifully:

“I just need to trust.  Trust in myself, trust in others and trust in the universe that everything will work out OK.  Because it always does.”

Now there’s a brilliant lesson in how to embrace change!

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