barn owl in flight - the wonder of nature

Commune with Nature! (Monday Motivator)


Last week I took my 8 year old nephew Charlie to the Hawk Conservancy Trust near Andover.

It’s actually a beautiful location with vast wildflower meadows planted in honour of Reg, the founder, where they fly vultures, hawks, black kites and even an eagle.  The perfect place to commune with nature!

There are also stunning woodland areas where they fly various species of owl – the barn owl being my favourite bird of all.

For many years we had a barn owl flying over our neighbour’s paddock at dusk often coming right into our garden and even on occasion sitting on our fence.

Despite the fact that barn owls were surrounded by superstition in Victorian times and deemed somewhat ghostly and eery, I’m not sure there’s a more beautiful sight than this pale elegant creature glowing in the semi-darkness silently swooping over the fields and trees. Every night my husband and I would stop whatever we were doing and watch in wonder for 10 or 15 minutes at this magical sight.

Unfortunately the barn owl is in decline due to loss of habitat so we are no longer able to enjoy such a beautiful spectacle right on our back doorstep.

Communing with nature as I call it is just a brilliant way to bring yourself totally into the present and fill your heart with pure unadulterated joy. It’s a physical sensation – you can literally feel the oxytocin and serotonin flooding into the system!

Whether it’s watching a beautiful bird soaring in the sky; observing a pride of lions on Safari; gazing in wonder at a beautiful landscape, a stunning sunset or an array of twinkling stars on a crystal clear night – it’s a truly unbeatable experience.

So this week determine that you will create an opportunity to fill yourself with a sense of wonder at the glories of the natural world.

Who needs mindfulness apps when you can commune with nature for free!?

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