Coaching insights - TCP-2

Coaching Insights (Volume 1) I Just Love It When My Coachees Do My Job For Me!


I was just touching base with a Coachee the other day who I’ve been working with for a few months. One of his key challenges was anxiety.

“I was always worrying about everything” as he put it.

“So how are you doing now?” I asked

“Loads better,” he said. “One of the best things I’ve learnt on this programme is how to compartmentalise. Also, I know I can’t do everything on my own and I now know I’m good enough.”

What music to my ears!

Then he said something incredible.

“Everything’s positive really, isn’t it? Like even when you’re stressed, it means you’re in demand and that’s a good thing, right? “

What a great re-frame.

I just love it when my Coachees do my job for me!

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