Celebrating Life!

Celebrate Life! (Monday Motivator)


Celebrating Life!

I’ve never been one for celebrating birthdays.

In fact I got quite down on my 25th birthday.  I was a quarter of a century and therefore over a quarter of the way through my life. Why would I want to celebrate?

Since then I have always tried to be on holiday for my birthday so that there’s minimal fuss. I can almost pretend it’s not happening.

My 30th was certainly a highlight hiking in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe, swimming in rivers and lakes, and then driving in the dark through the wilds of Africa to our hotel. A very special celebration.

I was persuaded to celebrate my 40th so threw a glamorous party near Deia in Mallorca. I think most people enjoyed it. Meantime I hid the fact that my husband and I had had a rare but major row just before drinks and dinner!

I point blank refused to celebrate my 50th. What was there to celebrate!? And frankly, I didn’t want to trumpet to the world that I was over 50. It was depressing!

But then a good friend of ours died at the age of 53 last year.  One of my best friend’s brothers (who was almost like a brother to me when we were growing up) died at the age of 52.  Several of our friends started to get ill – heart problems, breast cancer, strokes – you name it. And then it dawned on me.

Celebrating birthdays isn’t about celebrating age, it’s about celebrating life.

This week is my 54th birthday. We’re going to be abroad of course. I made sure of that! But from this year onwards I’m going to ensure that I embrace my birthdays wholeheartedly. I’ll use them as an annual reminder to celebrate life!

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