abvoe the clouds there's always sun

Above The Clouds There’s Always Sun (Monday Motivator)


I vividly remember the first time I flew on an aeroplane. I was going to Tenerife to see my brother who was living there and I was in my mid-teens.

I couldn’t believe this monstrous lump of heavy metal was ever going to get off the ground, let alone get me safely to my destination!

However my slight angst and consternation was soon replaced by sheer inspiration and awe.

As we climbed up through the thick grey clouds I was genuinely taken aback when we soared above them to find beautiful blue skies and sunshine. I had absolutely no idea that above the clouds there’s always sun.

Even today, 35 years later, I get a ridiculous amount of pleasure from the same experience every time I fly.

Moreover I’ve realised it makes a wonderful metaphor for life.

No matter how tough life becomes, no matter how hard it feels, no matter how low you go, eventually the vast majority of us will pull through, will rise above it.

Even in our darkest moments we usually find the light.

And for those tragic few who don’t pull through….?

Well, if you believe in heaven (and I’m not at all religious but somehow I do), then you’re going to be up there above the clouds enjoying the blue skies and sunshine once again!


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