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3 Little Gratitudes (Monday Motivator)


One of the favourite tools I share with my clients is called the 3 little gratitudes.

There has been an inordinate amount of research undertaken in recent years to prove the power of appreciation – simply stopping to appreciate what you’ve got.

Western society, in particular, encourages capitalism and consumerism – a desire to constantly strive for more money, a higher status, branded goods, a better car, a bigger home and so on.

It pays for us to be dissatisfied so we keep on striving!

But actually in the end it’s us who pays.

We get burnt out on the capitalist and consumerist treadmills of life.

I see lots of clients in my executive coaching sessions suffering from stress, anxiety issues and even mild depression.

To build their resilience by lowering the cortisol in their system and naturally increasing hormones such as serotonin and dopamine I encourage them to undertake a number of daily practices and this is one.

Just before you go to bed, come up with 3 little things that happened during the day for which you can be grateful.  The key word is little.  We’re not talking winning the lottery here!

Little everyday things like a nice conversation with a friend, a lovely sunny morning or a stress-free journey into work.

No matter how “bad” your day has been, ensure you come up with three things.

It’s a wonderful way to make peace with yourself and the rest of the world just before you go to sleep and it’s a remarkably powerful way to build your resilience.


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