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What Is Coaching?

Coaching is about helping people achieve their goals in life

These goals could be quite specific, for example:

  • Secure a promotion to the board
  • Achieve £1m turnover
  • Improve my relationship with my partner/husband/boss

Or they could be more general, for example:

  • Improve my communication skills
  • Launch a successful business
  • Feel happier in my life

Coaching is about asking not telling

A common misconception is that executive or personal coaching is like sports coaching. The coach spots what you're doing wrong, tells you and works with you to overcome it, but it's not.

Coaching in this context is about asking not telling. No-one knows you or your situation better than you do. Coaching is about listening - to what you're saying and what you're not saying. It's about using the insights gained to assess where the key obstacles to your success may lie; and it's about asking the right questions to help you unlock the best solutions for you.

Coaching is about creating quality thinking time

How often do you get the chance to stop, take time out and really think something through; even better - to do it with someone else? Recent research into neuroscience has proven that quality attention from one person generates quality thinking in another.

Everything we do begins with our thinking. If the quality of our thinking is good, the choices we make are good, the actions we take are good and the outcomes that result are good.

Coaching gives you a rare opportunity to work with a highly skilled listener and attention-giver; to speak your thoughts out loud without fear of retribution or bounce potentially crazy ideas around without being judged. It allows you to seize opportunities, face challenges head on, step back, take stock, see things from a different perspective, review, learn and adapt in order to get even better results.

Clarity of thought equals clarity of mind.

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