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"Theresa helped me overcome a significant impasse in my career and life planning, caused by a knot of issues, past and present, real and inferred. Over a series of intensive and challenging sessions Theresa helped me unravel my own thinking and assumptions in such a way as to progressively deal with and put away the difficulties surrounding each issue, whilst extracting and retaining the positives. Theresa then set me homework between each session that succeeded in always anchoring the achievements of the previous session and acting as the jumping-off point for the next. Looking back Theresa helped me progress an incredibly long way in a quite short period."
BL - Management Consultant

"Theresa is a fantastic Coach. She is caring and empathetic but challenging too. My sessions with her have been hugely thought-provoking and insightful. She has an amazing knack of helping you draw out what's really important and has given me the strength and belief to make some tough decisions that I now feel 100% committed to. Theresa has the ability to immediately put you at ease; she creates an environment where you can be totally honest and it is this which has led me to realise what I really need to change. She has been hugely supportive both during and post sessions. Being a coach myself she is a wonderful role model and a great mentor and I intend to work with her for as long as I can!"
Amy Savage - Freelance Coach, Facilitator & Trainer

"Theresa gave up a very successful corporate career to honour her true calling as a Coach. Her deep level of caring enables her to connect with people from all walks of life on a very strong and meaningful level. Her passionate sponsorship of clients, innate confidence in her craft and hugely positive, forward-looking approach combine to secure the most incredible results. I would strongly recommend her to anyone"
David Festenstein - MD Teleopen Ltd

"It's a great privilege to be coached by Theresa. She gets you from A to B in a seamless fashion and you really feel that she's working side-by-side with you - always listening, always supportive and gently challenging you to see and think of alternative, constructive approaches. After just a few sessions with Theresa, I now not only feel equipped to move onwards with greater flexibility and confidence in my career, I'm also clear about what attributes need to be demonstrated to progress to the next stage. This is more than I could have hoped for. Her advice and approach has been more than fantastic, it's been ideal!"
Tony Ilona, Head of Dept, Guardian Newspapers

"Theresa gave me the support and feeling of legitimacy I needed to go for my goal, as well as offering a structured programme to help me decide exactly what that goal was, and how I would get there. It is hard work, as you need to come face to face with yourself, but Theresa was sensitive enough to know when I needed pressure and when I needed space. Along with a friendly yet professional attitude, this inspired my complete trust and confidence."
Sue Todd, Co-founder of Wonder! Business Consultancy

"I had the pleasure of working with Theresa over the course of a year. Her knowledge and understanding of the media industry was really important to me, and I felt she could walk the walk and talk the talk. Her honesty, humour and straight talking matched my style so I found it very easy to open up and discuss issues from my heart. Her motivational techniques, structure and interest in you as an individual makes you feel supported and guided and willing to try new approaches to situations you might have found challenging in the past. The results have been second to none. She is keen to track development which means you can really feel yourself moving forward, carefully evaluating original objectives in a bid to make sure everything is being covered. I wish I could have a session with TC each and every month, 12 just wasn't enough! I can't recommend her highly enough."
Fiona Salmon, Head of Business Development, VibrantMedia

"I have found my sessions with Theresa extremely useful. At the outset I said my key challenges were prioritising and being more strategically focussed. Thus Theresa structured her questions and the sessions to address both these issues. Her warm personality, non-judgemental manner, experience and ability to challenge and provoke a different way of thinking have made our relationship easy, enjoyable and productive. Since we started working together the business has made significant strides forward, we have made several key strategic decisions which have resulted in positive changes and I personally feel more confident about where the business is heading and more in control. I would happily recommend her to anyone. "
JS, Owner of Organisational Psychology Company

"Dear Theresa, I want to tell you how amazing your work is and how significant it has been in rebuilding my life. I want to tell you how appreciative I am of you bringing so much of you to your coaching and I want to tell you how grateful I am that you coach from the heart and with a razor sharp perception. Thank you from my heart. In the meantime, the results from the last session go on and on... I'm thrilled!"
Sinead Buckley, Freelance Trainer & Facilitator

"Theresa is a wonderfully intuitive coach and facilitator. She offers a balance of support, encouragement and motivation, all with great warmth, humour and a deeply rapportful approach. I felt that I could really open up with her, gain perspective through her creativity and skill and she helped me move forward in a way that was very useful to me. Working with Theresa is a great experience that I would recommend to anyone."
Monique Moore, Management Consultant

"Theresa is an outstanding coach. She has the ability to support and guide you through a tough and challenging process. She is empathetic and constantly present. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who would like to work with a great coach."
Rebecca Watson, Owner of Brompton Associates

"Theresa is inspiring to work with because she focusses me on the future and what is possible. She encourages me to think about my issues from different perspectives and challenges my assumptions whilst remaining supportive and building my confidence through positive feedback. Theresa is great fun to work with but also relentless in keeping me focussed on my goals and how I'm going to get there - a formidable combination! "
Caroline Connor, Caroline Connor & Associates

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