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Relationship Coaching (Interpersonal Skills)

Our whole lives depend on being able to relate well to others.

Whether it's your partner, your kids, your parents, your siblings, your friends, your boss or your colleagues, getting on well with people is the key to a happy, harmonious, productive and successful life.

We are by nature social animals. We......

  • Like to be liked
  • Dislike conflict
  • Want a good circle of close friends
  • Need strong support networks
  • Want people we can talk to, share ideas with, learn from and so on

Yet if that's the case, why are relationships so challenging at times?

3 key reasons are:

  1. We are all totally unique and have different needs
  2. We tend to see things from our own perspective, rather than others'
  3. We fail to appreciate our part in the constant feedback loop of communication

Address these three areas and you are well on the way to mastering interpersonal skills and hence relationships.

The Coaching Project offers relationship coaching in both a personal and business context. The fact is that the same rules apply and the learnings you acquire will benefit every area of your life. From building instant rapport, through improving challenging relationships to dealing with conflict situations, the results can be incredibly swift and totally life-changing.

For more information on relationship or interpersonal skills coaching call Theresa on 0845 164 5001 or e-mail theresa@thecoachingproject.co.uk

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