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Psychometric Profiling

Pyschometric profiling can be a controversial area in business. In some organisations psychometrics is a dirty word; other companies might solely use them as a recruitment tool; whilst others may be advocates of the traditional type assessments such as MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) and even have the results displayed on peoples' office doors!

In our view psychometric profiling offers enormous benefits to businesses when managed professionally and sensitively.

Profiling has numerous business applications including:

  • Supporting selection processes
  • Aiding personal & professional development
  • Improving team dynamics
  • Identifying future leaders
  • Assisting with succession planning

At its best it ensures the selection, development and retention of your highest performers.

We believe that the best psychometric profiling tools are highly validated personality trait assessments rather than personality type assessments. Trait assessments assume that peoples' personalities are on a continuum - from introvert to extrovert, for example - rather than being one thing or another. To that end they avoid boxing people in or labelling them which can at times be both unhelpful and confusing. Whilst personality types are often deemed to be fixed, traits can be learnt and developed over time and are more closely aligned to motivation and hence behaviour.

Thus personality trait assessments provide great opportunities for learning and development. They increase self-awareness and awareness of others; give recipients context and comparative data and critically provide clues as to how you can learn new skills, adapt and grow.

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