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Coaching Style

Theresa is a highly collaborative, outcome-driven coach who quickly establishes rapport with her clients due to her warmth, openness and honesty. She creates a discrete, neutral environment where clients can speak their minds freely and openly.

"Her honesty, humour and straight-talking matched my style so I found it very easy to open up and discuss issues from my heart."

She believes in minimal intervention giving clients the space and reflection time needed to access new perspectives and ultimately come up with their own solutions and action plans. She is direct where appropriate, however, challenging clients' thinking and highlighting where typical thinking patterns or behavioural habits may be getting in their way. Her natural sense of humour and a lightness of touch are used to good effect in these circumstances and laughter is a common feature of her sessions.

"She offers a balance of support, encouragement and motivation, all with great warmth, humour and a deeply rapportful approach."

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